Monday, April 24, 2017

April Beauty Haul….

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! I spent mine finishing up my spring class.  I turned in a 34 page paper on Friday! It was my longest yet. Five classes down and five left to go! After finishing my paper, I headed to Ulta to pick up a few items.  Some are old and some are new. I thought I would share what I got!

1.  These Real Techniques makeup sponges are the best! I have been using them for almost two years.   I use this for concealer and finishing powder! I always get the pack that comes with two!

2. I am on my second tube of the Tarte concealer. I guess you could say that I am in love! It is on the expensive side, but the last tube lasted me three months! 

                 3. This Living Proof dry volume blast is a new purchase for me. I have used a few products from Living Proof before, so I am excited to try this one. When I was checking out, the girl at the counter said that she was in love with this product!

4.  This Buxom lip set is a fun purchase. I saw it in the April catalog and wanted to give it a try. I put the mini sample on in the car and man does this stuff make your lips tingle! It lasted for a good hour to hour and a half. I really like the nudes colors it comes with and it a great way to try out a brand! I have never used Buxom products before. So far I really like the lip products

                                                      xo Jacqueline


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