Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Get Fit..

Get Fit

J Crew elastic hair tie / Victoria s Secret moisture wicking headband / Victoria s Secret PINK pink duffle bag / Victoria s Secret PINK pink top / Victoria s Secret PINK purple tank / Victoria s Secret PINK racerback push up bra / Victoria s Secret PINK yoga bra / Old Navy activewear pants / Asics athletic shoes / NIKE athletic shoes / Frends Taylor Headphones / Victoria's Secret PINK Tumbler / Victoria's Secret Melange Single Pack Sport Socks

While I have not shared my resolutions this year, I do have one that I continually have every year! That is getting fit. Exercising is not my favorite, but I know it is something I have to do. Ever since I tore my ACL running has been a lot more painful and I can only take it in small increments. 
To make working out more enjoyable, I like all the cute fun clothes and accessories that come along with it!
Have a great day!


  1. i just splurged and bought a bunch of cute workout's funny how it makes working out better!

  2. I need that" I hate running" top since I really do hate it, haha!

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  3. I tore my ACL as well & developed a dislike for running due to the pain! Fabulous workout wear definitely makes working out a bit more tolerable. Great picks! XO

  4. I need to get fit! Ha. Thanks for the inspiration! I always get into a rut when it comes to workout gear!


  5. I definitely think that cute work out clothes motivate you to work out more! Tyler got me a new pair of shorts and workout pants for Christmas this year. I was way more excited to get back in the gym because of them! The next new workout thing I need is fun shoes!!

  6. My hubs makes fun of me because I always tell him that I work out better when I look cute, but it is true!! I love to wear cute colorful workout clothes. It just makes exercising a little easier!


    1. Thanks Nikki! Looking cute while working out is always fun!

  7. Love the I Hate Running tank, because....I do hate running

  8. Love the bag and the tank! I wish I had all of this in my closest, maybe id be more motivated then haha!

  9. I DEPEND on cute workout attire to motivate myself--even though I just do p90x in my house! I love your picks here. I really want those VS headbands. And, let's be honest, the Frends headphones...

  10. I really do find my motivation is higher when I have anything new and fun to bring or wear to the gym. Something as simple as a new head band is enough for me sometimes.

    I try not to make the gym a "resolution" per say, because it's something I've been working on for the last few years as well. I think it's a VERY gradual process to make it 100% a given in your life.

    xoxo Jackie
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