Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share an easy DIY project to hang on your door! Perfect for Independence Day!
 I made this door initial this past Memorial Day weekend! It was easy and it turned out so cute! 


Painter's Tape

Paint Brush

Star Stickers

I bought the initial from Jo-Ann Fabrics. It was under $10! I also purchased the craft paint and star stickers from there. The rest of supplies I had at home. 

First thing I did was paint the top half of the initial blue and the bottom white. Once it dried, I taped the bottom of the initial so that I could create stripes. I then painted the red stripes. 

Once it dried, I pulled off the tape and all that was left to do was add stickers! 

Have a great day!

xo Jacqueline
Supplies: Sandals: Dolce Vita/Similar (I purchased mine at Nordstrom Rack $40) Crystals: Michaels Glue:Super Glue (I purchased mine at Target)

The beads come already put together in a strand. It makes creating these  crystal sandals that much easier. Michaels offers a variety of styles and selections of strands to choose from. 

The set of crystals that I chose just needs to be secured on the end. I looked up knots to tie, because the string is almost like fishing line.

Take your super glue and cover the back of the crystals with glue and then place the crystal strand where you want them to be placed on your sandal.  Hold down with pressure for a good three minutes. I clamped down on my sandals, so that the super glue would attach to the sandal. 

Allow the sandal to sit for a good 24 hours so that the glue can dry.

Repeat the process and do the exact same thing to the other shoe. 

                                                                          The Final Product

Happy Tuesday! Above is a project that I completed over the weekend! Everything was under $50.00! Plus, it was so easy!